About Us.

I am an Irish mummy of 3, married to a handsome Canadian for the past 6 years and living in Northern Ireland. Our lives had the usual mix of ups and downs and parenthood was no exception. After having our second child I became passionate about birth and breastfeeding and am now training to be a breastfeeding support worker. I believe in natural or attachment parenting and listening to your instincts. When I have time I write poems and ryhmes on these topics, you can find my breastfeeding poetry  HERE. 

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Becomming mummy and daddy was an intense adventure for us especially having our son, now age 4 and daughter, now 3 just 15 months apart.   And life had more in store as 18 months later, an unexpected pregnancy and the shock diagnosis at birth, of our 3rd baby, with a rare facial anomloy was to prove our biggest challenge. You can read our breastfeeding story HERE

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Thankfully with the help and support of an amazing extended family and friends, new and old, we have weathered the roughest part of that journey (we hope) and we are now, one year on, much stronger, wiser and more compassionate than we may ever have been, had our beautiful Tessa, not chosen us, to be her family.

2013-12-17 20.17.45

I want to write a little from time to time about our progress and hers and how this little lady has already proved to be an inspiration and force to be reckoned with. Thank you for reading and we hope that you find something here to relate to and that our journey helps yours..<3

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6 thoughts on “About Us.

  1. I have no words to describe how I feel right now… your baby is a great inspiration for all of us.. wish you with all my heart all the best to you and your beautiful family.

    Valeria from Argentina

  2. Soy de Argentina, no conocia estos casos, keep con fighting. She is beautiful. Los hijos son el mejor tesoro para un padre. Saludos mi nombre es Marisol Martinez

  3. You write beautifully, and I so enjoyed the story of your beautiful baby. I’m not sure when you wrote this post (I wish they were dated), but I’m hoping that everything is still progressing in a good way for Tessa. She is blessed to have such a loving and determined mother! Thank you for sharing, and please keep us updated when you have time!

  4. Found you and Tessa’s story today and it’s beautiful. Thank you for being the most wonderful mommy to your daughter as she has deserved! Looking forward to updates in the future.

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